Sexbots are going to be big: Invest now

Used to be when I said that I was joking.  Nowadays I’m mostly not.  Mostly.

We are rapidly reaching the point where there’s nothing a woman can do for a man in the bedroom that justifies the risk of what she can do to him in the courtroom later.

Consider the following exchange (the left hand side–ignore the wisecracks on the right side.  Or not.  There’s a bit of dark humor to be found there).


So, a man can meet a woman, have every reason to believe he has her consent, have sex, and then later she can retroactively remove that consent making the act retroactively raped.  Called out explicitly:


Fortunately, for the moment, this position is not a legal one, but law generally follows culture.  Let this attitude become general to the point where people start electing lawmakers with that view, and the laws will follow.

And a certain segment of the population is trying to make it that way, and suggesting fabricating evidence to make things “work” that way even though the law does not:


And it only works one way.  Only the man is adjudged guilty, never the woman as in the following:


“Women cannot rape”.  Which explains:


Both of them were drunk.  Only one of them was able to be the rapist and only one of them was able to be the victim.

Some people have suggested that limiting ones sexual encounters to within marriage.  Well, that might improve ones odds somewhat but in the end it’s still a gamble.  First off, “marital rape” is a thing:


And all of the above items including retroactive withdrawal of  consent can be applied.

You might say that your wife (and it’s you husbands this is directed to because…have you read this far?) would never do anything like that.  And you may be right.  But the divorce courts are full of men who never thought their wives would “do something like that”. (And, yes, they’re also full of women who never thought their husbands would do something like that either, but the women generally don’t have to worry that their husbands will add rape charges to the issue.  And women initiate divorces more than men.)

So…sexbots.  they’re going to be big.

Invest now.

12 thoughts on “Sexbots are going to be big: Invest now”

  1. Got a pure play in sexbots lined up yet or are you just parking your cash in companies that make crash test dummies and store mannequins until opportunity comes?


  2. Three things a woman can do (though many won’t) that a robot (still) can’t: (1) give you children, (2) make a home for them and you, (3) love them and you and be loved in return.


    1. Against that: Ruin your life forever if you guess wrong about whether they will actually do “2” and “3”.

      The problem is not “can do” it’s differentiating between “will do” and “won’t do”.

      Divorce courts are full of people who guessed wrong. Recent trends up the stakes on that quite a bit.


  3. Yeah, marital rape with retroactive withdrawal is a real thing. My ex used it against me as a threat to get a divorce settlement to her benefit, even though she was the one who was cheating. My lawyer said that I could fight the charges in court if she made good on her threat to “file rape charges”, spending 10’s of thousands of dollars to do so with no guarantee of success, or just give her what she wanted in the settlement.
    I’m not sure which was the least expensive path, but there was no way I was going to chance a sympathetic feminist jury of hanging me for life as a rapist.


    1. Wiseass answer: Investment research is left as an exercise for the student.
      Serious answer: It’s called a “cautionary post” of the “if this goes on” variety hoping to motivate people to seeing that it doesn’t go on.


  4. Which is easier and more satisfying: men inventing sexbots, or men ignoring the dictates of family courts? Actual human women are fine sexual partners, and they’re on the market today.


    1. Actual human women can be fine sexual partners, but sex bots won’t complain that they hate doing “that” (whatever your favorite “that” might be), won’t say no, won’t cheat, won’t stop taking the pill to trap you with a child, won’t blow YOUR money while cheating, etc.

      I’ll do nearly anything my partner wants (what I won’t do involves high risk of injury and infection), but she won’t do what I want unless I spend a lot of money on her and beg for hours. If prostitution were legal where I am I’d go that route, because it would be cheaper and there’d be no bitching. You bet your ass as soon as there’s a sexbot out there that’s close to as good as the best sex partner I’ve had, I’m buying. I’m sick of women’s shit.


      1. All of that is small potatoes next to the idea that the woman who you had every reason you had a consensual encounter with decided after-the-fact that she was raped and you were the culprit.


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