Sexbots are Going to be Big: Invest Now (Part 2)

A couple years ago I wrote the “Part 1” of this.  Some people didn’t get it.  No, I was not saying that “sexbots” were a desireable alternative to a relationship with an actual human being.  Rather I was warning that things were being pushed in such a direction that nothing a woman could do for a man in the bedroom would justify the risk of what she could later do to him in the courtroom.  I still see certain ongoing trends continuing alarmingly in that direction and some of the “pushback” seems to be missing the point.

For example, there’s this:


For years now I’ve been hearing that expecting a woman to do any of those things, let alone all of them, is “sexist” and bad.  It’s a bit late to be using them as bait now.  But, let’s leave that aside.  Let’s add a few more to the list:

Can a sex doll decide after the fact that it regretted sex and that said regret means that it really didn’t consent regardless of what it said at the time (and the partner had every reason to believe) and thus the man, who had every reason to believe he was engaging in consensual sex with a willing partner, is now a rapist worthy of having his life ruined?

Can a sex doll have another man’s child and get you to pay child support for said child, with the knowing agreement of the judge?

Can a sex doll, in a disagreement, make false reports to the police and the threats of continuing such reports as leverage to get its way (where a string of such calls is taken as probable cause of ones guilt, not evidence that someone with a grudge is calling in false reports)?

Can a sex doll do the same thing only with the threat being a call to CPS, when the disagreement involves children?

Can a sex doll require you to spend thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and court costs if you decide things are completely irreconcilable with the sex doll and you need to be quit of it?

Can a sex doll require you to pay it a fee toward its maintenance for life (or until it finds another provider) once you do decide to get rid of it?

In short, can a sex doll put you at legal hazard for your life and livelihood, threatening you with imprisonment if you don’t comply?

Some of those are hypothetical although things people are actively pushing.  Others are already a reality.

The law doesn’t support all of those yet, but law is downstream of culture and the culture war is currently ongoing in full fury.  And entirely too many people are entirely too dismissive of it, unwilling to see the threat therein.  As John Stuart Mill wrote (often misattributed to Edmund Burke), “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

So, Sexbots are going to be big.  Invest now.

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