Getting my Daughter into Shooting Competition


Some time back when my daughter was on one of the local swim teams she came to me with a request.  She wanted to get a cartilage piercing in her ears.  She already had the typical lobe piercing.

I’m generally willing to allow her fashion choices so long as they aren’t too outre or cause permanent issues that she may end up regretting later.  This was something I was willing to allow but I wanted to make sure she was serious and, frankly, this was a good opportunity to get her to push beyond her “comfort zone”.  So I told her that she could do it if she qualified for Divisionals on the swim team for at least one event.  This requires meeting a qualifying time and was well within her capability if she pushed hard.

As things happened however, because of reasons beyond her control, swim team became an issue and she could not continue.  She, however, still wanted to get the cartilage piercing so I told her “find something else to make a good challenge.  Bring it to me and if I approve we’ll make that the challenge.”

“Like what?” she asked.

“That’s up to you,” I said. “Maybe it could be related to your art, maybe to your cello, maybe to your shooting (She’d started shooting seriously about September of last year), but you come up with something.  Coming up with something is part of the challenge.”

Okay, it didn’t quite go down like that.  There was more back and forth, but that was the essence.

So, yesterday she came back to me with the idea of getting into shooting competition, but she was having trouble finding something.

I was pleased enough by her choice that I decided to help her out.  I did some looking at my own using my Google-fu and… Wow.  that was confusing.  I’m big on rights but I’m only a moderate “gun geek” and know next to nothing about the competition side.  Fortunately, I had a resource she did not have:  I have a bunch of friends who are gun-guys on Facebook.  Plus, I’m a participant in several groups where a lot of gun guys hang out.  So I asked.

One of the issues is that right now budget is tight.  She’s welcome to use anything in my safe but most of it really isn’t suited to her size.  She’s got use of an AR pattern rifle with a 22LR upper at the moment (the adjustable stock lets her use it whereas mine, set up like the M-16 I trained on in the Air Force, has a stock a bit long for her) and I’ve got a couple of handguns she can handle.  But the only thing I have in 22LR is a cheap piece of junk I bought when I didn’t know any better.

I received several suggestions.  One was to attend an Appleseed event, which seems like a good idea if we can work the scheduling and find an event nearby.  Others included International Practical Pistol Confederation, Olympic style shooting, and others that looked to be rather expensive even at a beginning level.

One that was suggested, however, was rimfire steel challenge. That looked fairly straightforward, something a bit different from the slow-fire target shooting she’d been doing.  I found this video demonstrating it:

So I went looking for local clubs.  There isn’t one in my town.  The nearest is 35 miles away.  The nearest with a web site is 40 miles away.  However the regular range we go to is 60 miles away so that’s not a problem.  I’ve contacted them and asked what I need and how to get her started in it.

So, it’s a start.

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