Who are the violent ones again?

For years, anti-gun folk have been saying that those of us who support RKBA should be killed or suffer other acts of extreme violence.

Recently, we had this from Nancy Sinatra:


I sent a reply of “Thank you, Nancy, for demonstrating why I’m keeping my guns.” (I know we’re not on a first-name basis, but I’m not inclined to be polite with someone who wants me dead.) I don’t know whether she deleted the tweet or blocked me, but I couldn’t find it when I went back later.  However, thanks to the many people capturing screenshots, the Internet is forever. (What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet–something to remember.)

Later, backpedaling, said said “not all NRA members, just the murderous ones”.  Uh huh.  You didn’t mean “murderous” to be a descriptor for all NRA members, but to indicate a subset.  And you can believe as much of that as you want.

She’s far from the only one making that kind of statement.  Not necessarily about guns, but about people who disagree with them politically.  Some recent.   Some older:



This woman, unwilling to do it herself, is hoping for terrorists to do it for her:


Oh, they tried that.  The result was two dead terrorists.


Making a false report, as this person advocates, is a crime, but anything in order to get a law abiding gun owner killed, right?

Hope this person received a visit from the Secret Service:


Pity they grayed out the User ID.  This person should be made famous:

This is just a tiny sampling.  Folk I know personally, who support individual liberty and RKBA get death threats all the time.  And never mind the cheering regarding the Scalise shooting.

And yes, I know, you get some on the other side too.  But right you, you folk are showing me exactly why I’m keeping my guns.

I’m a peaceable man at heart, but if you think I’m going to disarm when so many people want me dead for the simple crime of disagreeing with them on matters of politics and philosophy, let alone for believing I have the right to defend me and mine and have the effective means to do so, then you’ve got another thing coming.

One thought on “Who are the violent ones again?”

  1. I wonder if they even have the slightest sense of the hypocrisy in those statements.

    Most gun owners are peaceful. We enjoy peace. That’s why we are armed; those who wish to disturb our peace are disinclined to jeopardize their own safety by agitating those who are armed. Scoundrels prefer safe, easy targets. Oddly, those pushing for confiscation of firearms typically turn out to be scoundrels. Funny, that.


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