What is “stupid”?

Stupid is:

Telling people that they are the cause of all the problems in the country, that they are evil racist, misogynists, supremacists, that you want them gone, that you want them killed, oh, and by the way, please give up your guns.

Telling people that they are a “basket of deplorables” and, oh, won’t you please vote for me next time?

Saying that the police are violent racists who kill innocent black people just because they’re black and this is why only the police should have guns.

Claiming that we can get people to do less of something, like smoking or drinking, by making it more expensive but that increasing the cost of hiring people (by mandating benefits or pay rates) won’t have any effect on employment.

Giving money to people, that you took from people in the first place, causes the economy to grow.

The government is evil and corrupt.  Let’s have more of it.

A person planning to kill a bunch of people will change his mind on seeing a sign saying “gun free zone”.

The first amendment protects our right to riot but does not protect your right to, you know, speak when you’re saying something we don’t like.

The Parties switched in the 60’s (although I can’t name three national level politicians in each direction who changed sides) but we’re still going to claim credit for Kennedy, Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry Truman and anyone else we care to.

I’m going to make this political accusation against you for causing a tragedy and don’t you dare politicize it be responding.

A woman should have complete control over her body, unless she wants to smoke.

A woman should have complete control over her body, let’s ban large sugary drinks.

No fat shaming!  We will force kids in school to eat what we consider a healthy diet, whether it’s appropriate to them or not.

Blocking traffic is legitimate peaceful protest, unless it’s in front of an abortion clinic

Judging a person by race, color, or gender are wrong and those evil white males are the cause of all the problems in society.


2 thoughts on “What is “stupid”?”

  1. Let’s not forget that cows are raising the level of methane in the atmosphere and are at the root of global warming.


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