Santa Claus is Real

As I told my daughter when she asked that question, “Yes, he is.  He is that part of the human heart which gives to others for no more reward than the joy in someone else’s eyes.  We just dress it up with a red suit and a jolly laugh to make it more understandable to young people.  Sadly, some people never learn that lesson.  But he’s very real and he’s in all of us if only we look for him.”

Terry Pratchett expressed the idea quite well in The Hogfather (Movie version ends just a hair different from the book, and, to be honest, I prefer its more explicit spelling out of the reason):

And so, we can take a moment to look at Santa Claus in action.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the United States Marine Corps:

I don’t usually ask people for things on this blog.  But with this holiday season I’m going to ask that you look inside yourself, find your Santa Claus, and let him out to bring joy to someone this year.

You’ll be glad you did.


2 thoughts on “Santa Claus is Real”

  1. My family in Slovakia hasn’t seen the Hogfather, but maybe we should.

    In order to assist in making true those good things we do believe in.

    Including acting out the Santa in our hearts — the exercising of which makes that part stronger.

    “Two wolves are in your heart, good and bad, constantly fighting”
    “Which one will win, Grandfather?”
    “The wolf that you feed.”

    Prayer feeds the good, and the good Santa, too.


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