Roaming the Universes: Cover Reveal

I’ve accumulated enough stories to make it worthwhile to put them into a collected volume for publication both in print and electronic form.  That’s what I’ve been working on the last few days, getting it all ready to go.  It will be a couple of days yet while it works through the system and the book is actually released but barring major problems to come, we’re about ready.

And so, here’s the cover for my first omnibus collection of shorter works:  Roaming the Universes.

Roaming The Universes V1.jpg

Epic Journeys Through Space and Time

Whether exploring the solar system in the
near future, or venturing to worlds of magic
and mystery, these fifteen stories take you
on a journey to other universes.

Included are stories from the FutureTech
Industries series, from the Knights of
Aerioch and an assortment of stand alone

The stories may be short of length, but they
are not short of wonder.

So climb aboard and see what these other
worlds have to offer.

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