Brief one tonight

And late.

I’ve been getting my butt kicked at work lately, but we finally got the big project out.  Go us!

I took my daughter ice skating tonight.  I tried to join her on the ice but did not last long.  The problem is that it’s just too painful for me to continue.  Ice skates need to be tight to have the control and support to balance on those narrow blades.  I’ve dealt with overtight shoes/boots before.  I know what that feels like.  This isn’t that.  It’s my arches.  Plantar fasciitis.  Within very few minutes it’s like someone playing a blowtorch across the bottom of my feet.  I’ve got my own skates rather than the rentals.  I’ve tried a spare pair of orthotic insoles in them.  Those didn’t really help.  I’ tried those gel cushion insoles.  I think they made matters worse.  I need to figure something out if I’m going to continue–and I want to continue.

I’ve been told that, due to my diabetes, I should see a podiatrist regularly.  Maybe he can help resolve this issue other than via the ever-popular “don’t do that.”


One thought on “Brief one tonight”

  1. Yeah, my diabetic hubby is getting told to take his old, very flat feet in to see a podiatrist. I’d like him to see a skin specialist, too! But plantar fascist (?) is treatable. One of my kids had to have minor surgery to deal with it while he was working at an Italian restarant (And I defy anyone that’s even worked in an Italian restarant to find time to sit down and rest, even during their alledged ‘break time’!) Good luck with it! I hate to see your fun spoiled.


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