First Rounds

In the latest Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show I picked up one of my “bucket list” guns: a Hungarian made Browning Hi Power. (The “bucket list” just said “Hi Power”, not specifically Hungarian made.) The finish on it is a little rough. Since there’s no real collectors value for this gun, I plan to refinish it eventually.

High Power

In the meantime I took it to the range yesterday for the first time and ran a box of ammo through it.

Fit my hand surprisingly well for a double stack. I have big palms but short fingers–a combination that makes it hard to find gloves, let me tell you. I’ve shot other double stacks and they’ve all felt clunky in my hand (yes, even the mighty CZ75B 😉 ).  One compact .380 was actually painful to shoot simply because of the shape of the grip.  The Hi Power was very nearly perfect.

The Hi Power pointed well so I could get the sights lined up and on target quickly. Shot nicely. I’m not all that great a shot so I can’t really speak to its accuracy but well within “Minute of bad guy” at about 7 yards. Someone in the past had removed the magazine safety. No loss so far as I’m concerned.

The controls (slide release, safety, trigger of course) were all easy to reach. Nice crisp trigger pull. Just one problem. The trigger spring was weak. Sometimes the trigger wouldn’t return fully allowing the trigger lever to reset. Pushing the trigger forward lets it reset and I can fire. Fortunately, this looks like a fairly straightforward fix, simply replacing the spring.  And it looks like it’s easily accessible:  simply field strip (actually easier than a 1911) and drift out the trigger pin.

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