I was mowing the yard recently (between weather and schedules it had gone much too long since last time). I got the back yard done and was starting on the front when I was mowing next to an old woodpile and wasps started coming out of the pile. I got away from there but managed to get stung twice.

I thought I had some wasp spray around here but couldn’t find it. What I did find was a guy up the street mowing a neighbor’s yard.

“Are you equipped to deal with wasps?”


How much to take care of a wasp nest on my yard?”

Skip to the end and for $40 he’ll finish the mowing, including trimming, and deal with the wasp nest.


Normally I’d just finish the job myself. But this time, the wasps just added that little bit of extra that said, “let somebody else deal with it.”

As it happened “deal with the wasp nest” meant mowing and trimming the area with the nest, not spraying it down to kill them.  So, next day I head out to the store and get a double can of wasp spray.

The wasps are dead now.  And at least my yard looks nice.


One thought on “Wasps!”

  1. When I was a kid my grandparents had a lake cabin. Grandpa got stung by a bunch of wasps one weekend when they went up and found a nest next to the cabin door. He used Noxema Cream on all the stung areas and the swelling, redness and pain was gone by that evening for the most part. I’m not sure Noxema is even a thing anymore. I should probably find out.


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