Personal Progress

So these pants arrived yesterday (the pic is clickable and goes to the order page):

The size of these pants is 32X28.  They are a little short.  I could probably go to a bit longer inseam (29 or maybe 30), but they fit in the waist.

Look at that again:  Pants with a 32″ waist (81 cm for you metric folk) fit me as of last night.  I started this year wearing a 40″ waist and probably should have been wearing a 42″.  That means I’m down 8-10″ (20-25 cm for you metric folk) since February (when I started getting serious about diet and exercise.

Overall, my health has seen a significant improvement.  As I mentioned yesterday, in many ways I’m in the best shape (as in fitness) of my life.  My blood pressure is good.  My cholesterol numbers are good.  And my average blood sugar (as measured by A1C) is good.

So…not bad for a guy who’s just about to turn 59.


8 thoughts on “Personal Progress”

  1. Good on ya! I was almost at the point of going from a 36″ to a 38″ a little over a year ago, and could get winded just standing up.
    However, after a “come to Jesus” moment with a cardiologist last year, I’ve started dieting and exercising- and am down 40lbs and am almost back to a 32 myself.
    I’m also able to walk 5k daily without being half killed afterwards.


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