Performers Having a Good Time: A Musical Interlude

This is a short one because, well, I know what I’m looking for here but finding it on demand can be difficult.

One of the things I like to see in a musical performance is performers who clearly and obviously are really enjoying being out on the stage.  That kind of energy can be contagious.  Now, mind you, that kind of vibe is generally going to go with music quite different from most of what I listen to these days, but it can make a pleasant change of pace.

Saw this one on TV way back in the day.  It’s really what made me, back then, a “Melissa Manchester” fan.  Mind you, back then I did listen to a lot of 80’s pop and earlier softer rock and ballads (this was before my “Musical Awakening”.  Still, it makes a nice change of pace for me even today.


The song in this one is fun in a goofy way but watch the guys singing and grooving to it.  Really watch them.  They are clearly having a blast.


This one was similar in timeframe to the one above.  What made this one is the group was performing in front of an immense live audience.  You can see that the band is pumped.


I’ve never known Floor not to be into it when she’s on stage.  This is a good example of that.


Watch the expressions, especially during the slow-mo introduction to the video.  Another group out there having a good time.


Then there’s these folk.  Their whole raison d’etre was that they loved that “oldies” music (“oldies” when I was a kid; positively ancient now) and you can clearly see that they had fun with it:


2 thoughts on “Performers Having a Good Time: A Musical Interlude”

  1. Session bass player Nathan East is one who always looks like he’s enjoying himself onstage.
    And, considering the many many world class acts he’s toured with, others must enjoy having him there.


  2. Two of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen were from two VERY different performers. The first is Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. I don’t think I ever saw a bad performance from him. And when he’s singing something he really likes (e.g. Velvet Green) and the crowd eats it up he just takes off.

    The second is Taylor Swift. My younger daughter really liked her. We saw her in her first tour at Sullivan Stadium (where the Patriots NFL team plays). We lucked into VERY good seats (on the field maybe 20+ rows back). This was the first stadium performance for her (50K +audience) instead of a smaller arena (10-15K). She seems to be a naturally good performer, but the feedback of 50K plus crazed fans sent her into stratospheric levels of performance, astounding for a then 19 year old who looks to be maybe 5’4″ and 110 lbs (dripping wet). Each songs performance got better and better topping each previous one. I thought she was going to explode in a feedback loop the applause and cheers were so loud and her response so intense. You could see that although she was enjoying the performance immensely it was very draining. We saw her in later performances and they were very good (again like Ian Anderson no bad performances) but nothing like that.


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