Suffering? Really?

Short one, today, but important.

This precious little snowflake had this to say:


If you think that being asked to earn your own way, to “pay your dues” and work for what you want, and _especially_ to meet obligations you freely took upon yourself (like debts lawfully entered into) is “suffering” then you may just be a whiny entitled bitch.

That you want something, that you want to spend four to eight years “studying” some field that nobody is willing to pay much for because you don’t bring value to them, does not impose an obligation on others to give it to you.  If you want to do spend four to eight years studying Babylonian Astrology, or Underwater Basket Weaving, or even (may the gods help us) Agenda Studies, I say more power to you.  Just pay for it yourself.  Go out and produce something of value, earn the money to pay for it, and pay for it.

Don’t demand that somebody else work to provide the resources (the time devoted to teaching you, the buildings in which it takes place, the class materials, even the food you eat and the clothes you wear) necessary to provide the fluff with which you long to fill your head.

Forcing somebody to work for you, without you providing something in trade that they value in return, is called “slavery”.  And most modern societies frown on it.

So buckle down and work for what you want. It can be physical work. It can be mental work. Produce something that other people want enough to be willing to pay for it and use that to get the things you want.  That something can be skills that you worked hard to develop, that are in demand by others (that you might think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, or even since Betty White but that doesn’t matter; all that matters is if other people think it’s worth paying for).  It could be simply that you’re willing to work hard, to be the one who shows up early, who is willing to stay late, who volunteers to do the less pleasant tasks the job requires, who doesn’t have to be told to do those tasks.

It could be simply what we used to call a “work ethic.”

It’s also called being an adult, you perpetual infants.

5 thoughts on “Suffering? Really?”

  1. “Soft Men”, as the old expression goes. It’s one of the downsides to a prosperous society- people begin to assume that all the benefits are theirs by right. Get enough of these idiots, and Heinlein’s “Bad Luck” will come into play.

    I should also mention that in my darker hours, I sometimes hope that the Che LARP kiddies get the Revolution they say they want- the looks of unbelief as their own Party lines them up against the wall and shoots them, or being forced to labor- hard, gut busting, physical labor, not an extra hour at the coffee shop- for 12 hours + a day, bad food, no pay, and only cheap alcohol as a soporific.

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  2. One of the best Christmases I ever had was when my wife and I each took $20 from our meager expendable income and went Christmas shopping for each other. Down to the local mall, headed in different directions, meet back here in one hour. It was so much fun figuring out how to maximize her Christmas enjoyment with the limited funds.

    Then there was the Christmas eve where we went down to the local temporary employment service and ate free donuts and watched Ace Ventura Pet Detective on the TV just in case someone needed to pay someone to work for a few hours that day. Not a great day but a great story.

    Suffering my a$$.


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