Falling behind on this blog.

I’ve been falling a little behind on this blog.  Home crisis.  So let me use tonight’s to post the latest update on the fundraiser for my daughter’s service dog (which is a big part of the “home crisis” issue):


Saw the doctor yesteray specifically about my daughter’s seizures (which she’s been having nearly daily). We also talked about her PTSD and depression issues but mostly it was about the seizures. As in two and a half hours of which two was about the seizures a half was everything else.

The good news is we’ve got some “official documentation” for the school she attends to know how to treat them when they occur. When/if they need to call emergency services, and when they don’t.

However, one of the things they pointed out is that her having non-epileptic seizures does not mean she might not also be having epileptic seizures as well. This is something we need to discuss with another specialist. Hopefully, this is just precautionary.

Fingers crossed.

My daughter with her ballet class–one of the activities she’s had to stop because of, among other things, the seizures.

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