Let the Joker Go Wild: Reblogged from According to Hoyt

Okay, we’re in a pickle.

We are in risk of losing the republic. And if we lose it it’s going to be very hard to claw our way back. It could take centuries. So I’m going to suggest we don’t lose it. I’m going to suggest we refuse to stop being Americans. In fact, I’m suggesting we become so American they can’t hold us, and have to vomit us forth whole.

They want us? They don’t know what they want. They want to be our rulers? Do you know that the US is the only country in which presidents age 10 years per year in office? (Which means Joey the pedo, Xi’s turtle boy, will be a mummy in two months.) And do you know how much more they’d age and how much harder it would be if Americans, instead of trying to be good and cooperative and productive citizens, just went out of their way to be obstinate pains in the ass?

This is something we the people can do. Something that doesn’t depend on courts, or institutions, and which is not the fourth box. G-d knows it might yet come to the fourth box (the magic eight ball tells me “it’s almost inevitable”) but perhaps not. And if it does, maybe we can be in a position of strength when the music starts to play.

And yes, I’ll explain:

If the election results stand, despite obvious, obscene, skirts-up fraud on the street, in front of G-d and everyone (And please tiresome trolls, go here and read this, and learn to count above five. And stop trying to comment. I’m just going to spam you. Tell Comrade Xi he doesn’t pay you enough. Even better, kick him in the balls. Be a little American, you. Learn from Hong Kong.) and if they sit Gropey China Joe and Commie LaWhorish, I expect war by July, but it could take a year or more. Only because our side is slow to anger. On the other hand — and the left might want to remember this — we are ACTUALLY very thorough when we flip over. Y’all cosplay revolution. We just get pissed and steamroll everything. Remember that. It won’t be pretty.

The problem is if they have at least nominal power, they will have at least some of the armed forces. Which means the conflict will go on forever. Unless we soften the hell out of them, first, and give them nervous breakdowns. (Which is not as hard as it seems, since most of them are extreme neurotics.)

If OTOH Trump carries this in the courts, the left is going to try to amp up the sort of shit they’ve been doing for the next four years and burn the country down and destroy our economy, unless we let them have their little red wagon and fifty scoops of commie cream.

One way or another, we need to fight them. We. Us. Right now. On the ground. And not with bullets.

I confess until this morning I was in flat despair over how to do it, until Larry Correia, bless him, threw off an off-hand comment:

“Yet while I watched this, Twitter kept deleting the accounts sharing the file list. They’d block somebody, and then ten minutes later someone else would share it and get blocked too. In the half an hour or so I scrolled through dead voters the people sharing the list kept vanishing. It was kind of amazing to watch real time. But one would get blocked and somebody else would take their place.If the thing that saves America from turning into a cyberpunk dystopia run by ruthless tech oligarchs… is 4chan… I’m gonna laugh because I truly did not see that coming. : )”

Larry Correia

I’m not sure about the history of 4chan BUT it is an American thing. Sure, it’s all over the world, but it works like America only crossed with where the devil goes potty, of course.
Like them we’re autistic, we’re broken, we’re irreverent, we’re unique among the nations of the world. And that’s what we need to play to.

A lot of you play various forms of RPG. I don’t. Not because I disapprove of it, but because I never had the patience to do it and because the one game I played “felt” too much like writing, and NO ONE pays me to play these, while they pay me for books. (If you want to pay me to play RPG I’m willing.)

But I think those of you who play RPG will agree: The monster always has a flaw. It might be a stupid flaw, like you need to hit it on this one dime-sized spot behind the left ear. BUT THE MONSTER ALWAYS HAS A FLAW.

And here I must smack all of you, and me too, because we forgot to be Americans these last four years, and we tried to fight the monster on its terms. That’s the way to lose. That’s the way to ALWAYS lose.

For four years, while we held the presidency and one house, we acted like losers, and screamed because we let the bureaucrats pull our strings and get under our skin. NO MORE.

The left’s flaw is a mile wide. No, seriously. We don’t see it, because we don’t fully understand them, the way they don’t understand us. We’re better at predicting them, but we look at them and go “How would someone get so fucked up.”

Well, that’s a subject for an entire dissertation, but what you need to GET this are two keys:

a) They are more social than us. FAR MORE SOCIAL. They take their cues from where they perceive the herd to be. And they’ll accept all sorts of bizarre things, for the warm fuzzies of belonging. They’d rather be miserable with the group, than happy alone. They might not understand “happy alone.” (Even though they have an image of themselves as low heroes. ALL OF THEM. Go figure.) This is why there are no decentralized movements on their side. There must be a leader to follow. To be outside the group is their biggest fear.

b) They never had to think about their positions. To stay on the left, because they’ve controlled the culture so long that to be on the left, all you have to do is coast along, taking what professors and authority figures tell you as revealed truth.
This means their opinions are very vulnerable. We read their sites — though it needs blood pressure medication — but they want ours shut down, because they can’t stand any intellectual challenge to a system they didn’t reason themselves into. And they can’t let go of the system, because it would destroy them to be outside the group.

Their flaw is composed of exactly that. They can’t imagine anyone not acting like them. They think the things they do cause them to be liked and belong, or to intimidate some horrifying — but always laughably weak — other.
IOW they take themselves VERY VERY VERY seriously. They’re important people, doncha know. And the rest of us would be like them if we were as smart as they are.
Their biggest flaw is their self importance, their utter seriousness, and their stupid inability to see that others are different from them.

Look, Zombie Biden and his handler Roundheels McClownLaugh want to take us into — duh — a Chinese like system of credits and silencing, and gullags and the whole panoply of horrors of the Fascist mind.

Do you ever wonder why Fascism took so well in Germany and China? Compliant population. (Communist terror is different, but that also requires a different type of mentality. And yes, the idiots think they’re communist, but as we found out under Obama, they’re mostly fascist.) That’s cultural. And we don’t have it. Though we’ve been much too nice for too long.

So, be American. See, I was in Portugal when checking speed by radar was introduced. The entire extent of their non-compliance (and Portugal isn’t precisely law abiding, itself) was the blinking lights of drivers on the other lane to warn you. In the states? My husband had a little thing on his dashboard that warned him to slow down because radar was being taken.

Someone had designed this thing to circumvent enforcement measures. SOMEONE HAD SOLD IT. It was in every catalogue at the time. And the populace GLEEFULLY embraced it.

All of the fascist (well, commie too) enforcement and spying services call for constant surveillance, total vision into what you do on line, and who you hang out with, and what you read.

What actually is wrong with you people with tech knowledge? I need a software spoofer that shows them every day first thing in the morning I visit the Daily Worker. At noon I read the Nation. And I post comments at whatever the heck antifa uses to organize.

I’m sure a few of you geniuses can do that.

What about those who aren’t very techy? What can we do?

Well, you know, kiddies, the problem we face is that most of the populace SIMPLY doesn’t follow politics. They don’t. They just see a digest and THINK this means that it’s all above board, etc. I mean, they see the election map and think it’s real, and that it must be absolutely true.

So? Make doggerel verse. Find out how to rhyme something with Commie Lawhorish and laptop from hell, and election fraud. For extra credit make a stamp or stickers. Put them on phone poles. Put them on bus stops. You have to use a public toilet? Put it there. Let the knowledge penetrate from below. It doesn’t even have to be very funny. People tend to startle-laugh at those who speak the forbidden.

Oh, and Joe Lying and Commie LaWhorish are going to lock down the country and take the economy down for three months. Which should finish us off.
Don’t let them finish us off. Seriously. This can go anywhere from refusing to obey stay at home orders (do you know how easy it is to fake the essential work papers? I mean most are printed on a home printer. And you can put a phone # on them that’s a buddy’s who will vouch for you.) to creating an underground economy. This is hardest, btw. for distributing food, but we’re more or less managing it now. Find a local rancher or farmer. And create networks of friends till you find one.

And while this might seem like an odd time to start a business, it is the perfect time. For instance younger son and I are going to start a non fic, subscription only site, where there will be something every day of the week (Off on weekends) by one of us. And I’m goinng to make a subscription only site for my earcs for fiction. Some of you have said you’d subscribe to the daily output? Well, you might end up reading three novels in chunks, at once, but you’ll be able to do it.

What can you do that you can make money from? Most Americans have more hobbies than you can shake a big stick at, from handywork to oh filk. (BTW a filk about Commie LaWhorish and Zombie Joe and the election heist would be hilarious. Also, who knows, people might pay or send you a tip for it.) And if the stores are going to be closed, we can spin our own, right? DO IT. START NOW.

Have you ever seen a two year old who doesn’t want to go somewhere being carried by a parent? The parent is almost ten times that kid’s size, but if the kid is determined, the carrying can become living hell.

That’s what I want you to do. They want power so badly, and they think we’ll be compliant sheep?

Borrow a motto from Hong Kong and be like water. Be funny, be fluid, move from thing to thing, frustrate their attempts at tracking and controlling us.

Start NOW. Start by disseminating the story of Grand Theft Election in cartoon and song, in meme, in funny rhyme and dramatic play that reveals just what corrupt and ridiculous the hell spawn who’d rule us are.

Be the first kid on your block to give the left a “curl on the floor in the fetal position crying tears and snot” mental breakdown. Do it today.

No power on Earth can make you be compliant and gentle and sweet.

So don’t.

BE AMERICAN. With both feet. And as hard as you can.

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