Goth on Ice: Apotheosis

It would appear that I’m a…well, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

At the rink the other day I had planned an “easy” day. just some light skating around the rink a little work on my spins and a lot of work on my backward outside edges (the one that still give me trouble–I’m doing well enough in the others).

Turns out that there were some first timers on the ice, in particular a group of teen girls who appeared to be…struggling. As is my wont, I skated over and asked if they were okay and if they wanted any help. They snapped that up. So I gave an impromptu lesson in the very basics of skating. The first lesson type stuff–forward marching and forward swizzles.

While I was working with them a couple of younger kids approached and asked if I could help them too. And, so I gave them an impromptu lesson as well.

All told, I spent about half the hour I spent on the ice teaching basic ice skating to these young people and loving every minute of it. I like to teach.

Afterwards, when I was on a bench rinkside and taking off and wiping down my skates, one of the teens approached and said that her friend said I was the “goth skating god.”

And so that is how I achieved apotheosis and have now become the patron deity of ice skating goths. 😉

2 thoughts on “Goth on Ice: Apotheosis”

  1. I’ve found that teaching something helps my knowledge and skills.

    I’m far from achieving godhood. 🙂

    Well done.


  2. Thought I’d left a reply already but…

    Good job. Teaching is definitely rewarding. Caveat, however, it also helps a lot when they want to be taught. Teaching five classes of students five days a week who for the most part don’t want to take skating lessons and would rather be somewhere else but are required by law to be there is a different ball of wax.


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