These days people talk a lot about “privilege.” Apparently I’m supposed to have it because of the color of my skin or what part of the world my ancestors came from.  And folk with different color skin from other parts of the world, don’t.  All this irrespective of our actual individual circumstances both now and in our past.

You want to know what privilege is?

Privilege is being able to make comments on social media about other races/genders/what-have-you without having your posts deleted or, in some cases your account suspended or outright canceled.

Privilege is being able to commit “strict liability” crimes (that is, crimes where the actions themselves are criminal regardless of whether one “intended” to commit a crime–an example is mishandling classified documents) and have charges dismissed because “she didn’t intend to commit a crime”.

Privilege is being able to put forward the most empty headed, economically and practically unsound policies secure in the knowledge that any criticism will be dismissed as racist/sexist/whateverist because simply of who you are.

Privilege is being able to say any vile thing you want about people of certain races without being fired for it.

Privilege is being able to repeatedly make openly anti-Semitic comments in the halls of Congress, from a position of authority, and receive no official censure.

Privilege is being able to create a hate crime hoax against oneself, pay the co-conspirators with a check, with your name on it, and have the charges dropped because, basically, you did “community service” and let them keep the bond money.

And privilege is being able to dismiss all of the above by simply invoking “white fragility” whenever anyone complains about things like the above.

Privilege exists.  Only it isn’t what’s usually claimed for it.

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