Amazing phone story

Last week I went on a trip for business (related to my ‘day job”).

Well, I got out of the car in “economy parking” at the airport, took my phone off the car charger, stuck it in the pocket on the computer bag (more on this later) and headed into the airport.

Get inside, check in and check one bag (small enough for a “carry on” but with toiletries and stuff that can’t go through security). Open the computer bag pocket to get my phone for reading matter while waiting or the plane.  No phone.

Panicked, I went back to the car looking to see if I left it behind. Didn’t find it. Person at the counter was able to have my checked bag sent back up and I checked that.. No phone. Well, I was out of time so rechecked the bag and off to the trip.

Fast forward to my return. Got my checked bag and returned to the car.  What should I find but phone, lying on the pavement in the parking lot next to my car. How did it get there, you ask? Well, remember I said I put it in a pocket on my computer bag? Behind that pocket there’s a “sleeve” that goes straight through (stupid feature on that laptop bag–too lazy to sew up the bottom end and make an open-topped pocket.?) I think, instead of putting the phone in the pocket I accidentally put it in the sleeve. It slid down and hit the ground ending up underneath the car parked next to me (consistent with where I found it).

There was no visible damage to the phone–some scuffing in the corner which could have been from where it hit the pavement. It wouldn’t start, of course, but that’s no surprise considering it’s been five days, lying on the ground in the weather. (I found out we had two significant rainstorms here while I was gone.

Went home. Put it on the charging cable, not really expecting anything but there was nothing to lose at that point, you know.

It. started. charging.

A few minutes later I turned it on and it worked fine.  I’ve been using it ever since.

Five days on the pavement in an airport parking lot. Rained on twice.  Had to have been run over at least once. And. it. still. works.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Their motto could be “built Samsung tough.”

One thought on “Amazing phone story”

  1. Pretty amazing. You are so fortunate that it stayed right where it was dropped and was not damaged through all of that. I one prepared a carry-on bag for an airplane trip to a city where I was going to perform some music. All of my sheet music and notes were in there, along with some accompaniment tapes (cassette tapes were the medium of that day) and a few other odds and ends for the trip. Arriving at the airport, I soon discovered that the bag was not in the car, but of course there was no time to return home to locate it. Gone for three days, I had to find other music to perform on the spot, but that worked out without much trouble. The weekend was successful, and I returned, still not knowing where the bag was. When I got to the house, there was my bag lying in the driveway with all its contents intact. I had apparently set it down intending to load it in the car and forgotten it. I must have driven over it, although the wheels straddled the bag, causing no damage. How someone didn't take it from the front of my house, I'll never know. I'm glad your story ended well.


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