Injuries Suck

So I’m in ice skating class.  I’m doing forward swizzles.  Instructor says that I need to bend my knees more.  I bend my knees more.  “No, more then that, bend them as much as you can.”

So I start doing more knee bending and it’s going pretty well for one, two, three swizzles.  Then something happens.  I’m not sure what but I fall.  Wouldn’t have been bad except somehow the blade catches on the ice–probably in a groove left by previous skating–at just such an angle that my foot is essentially locked in place and as my weight comes down it twists my leg.  I feel pain in both my knee and my ankle.

Instructor comes over to see if I’m okay.  Mostly, but I am definitely done for the day.  So, I get up.  Knee feels okay, but ankle is sore.  There’s only a few minutes left in class but I skate, gingerly to the exit, grab my skate bag, and sit on the bench waiting for the class to finish.  I remove the skate from my left ankle (the uninjured one), but leave it on the right to keep some compression and support on the ankle.

Once class is over, my daughter still has the learn to play hockey class.  I ask my instructor if I can have some ice.  Yes, they’ve got a whole rink full but it’s not in a form I can use.  And while I’m snarking here, my instructor did not.  While waiting to see what she comes up with I switch from my skate to my shoe on the right foot.

The vending/snack bar is closed but they have ice and I get ice on my ankle while my daughter continues her second class.

After the class, we have several stops to make before we’re done for the day.  Food first (it’s been a while; we’re both hungry.) Then shopping, mostly for groceries.  Injury or no, we’ve got to eat.

Once I get home and get my shoes and socks off, I find that there is some swelling of the right ankle.  Not much but some.  I take an epsom salts bath because I’m also starting to feel some muscle aches up through the leg.  Nothing in the knee, so I lucked out there.  I know from past experience that knee injuries really suck.

I wrap an Ace bandage, one of the ones which sticks to itself so it doesn’t need to be tied, taped or otherwise fastened.  I have, however, found that this style works a bit better if you tuck the free end under to finish.  It lasts longer that way before it starts to unwind.  Eventually, I go to bed.

Unfortunately, I wound it a bit too tight and wake up with pain in the ankle from the squeezing.  I adjust the bandage and we’re good to go on that but then I find I can’t get back to sleep.

So here I am, writing this up and getting it into the queue to post in its turn.

All told, the ankle’s not too bad.  Range of motion is reduced and it doesn’t like to be tugged on (like when pulling my socks off).  All told, it could have been worse.

And so, yeah, injuries suck.  But, on the other hand, if I’m going to continue learning, I’m going to have to push past previous limits.  And that means I’m going to take falls and spills.  And that means I’m going to have the occasional injury.  They are part of the process of learning.

So, time to embrace the suck, as it were.

One thought on “Injuries Suck”

  1. Ouch!
    Remember RICE.

    The fall sounds uncomfortably close to what I did a third of a century ago.
    At least the orthopedic surgeon emerged from the operation with x-rays he felt like bragging about. He was very pleased to show me how, after 4 hours of piecing me back together, he had preserved length and orientation in the bone. He probably tells colleagues the same thing at cocktail parties.


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