My Dream Job

Real short one.

The question was asked elsewhere: What’s your dream job?

Take Lost in Space only serious, ditch Dr. Smith, give them a robot with manipulators suitable for more than carrying an ice cube tray (since those are obsolete anyway), a decent ship with effective defensive weaponry, and instead of being lost the family is exploring. There you have it.

Hmm. So almost, but not quite, exactly unlike Lost in Space. 😉

6 thoughts on “My Dream Job”

  1. Well, my version of Doctor Smith would be annoying useful. Not a villain by any means just somebody necessary but annoying. 😉

    The rest of your suggestions are good.


    1. I understand Doctor Smith was a real villain at first, but had to be toned down lest the series die (sooner than it did).
      (Last time I watched an episode, I could barely stand it, even with a 103° fever to turn off my critical skills.)


      1. but had to be toned down lest the series die

        Or the Robinsons would have had to execute Doctor Smith.

        It was bad enough to wonder “why do they keep rescuing that moron” but if Smith remained this intelligent villain, sooner or later he’d give the Robinsons good reason to execute him as a “clear-and-present danger” to their lives (especially to the Robinson children). No way could the writers continue to show Smith as a true villain without the Robinsons realizing that he was a true villain.


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